Our Story

Valleys is a progressive metal band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
The band was founded by a group of friends who enjoy sharing the stage and throwing down. Our music is representative of a positive outlook on life, regarding many problems we all face every day. We want our fans to relate to our message, whether it's discussing lost friendships, lost family/loved ones, or even depression.

Mikey Clement (vocals), Brandon Clement (bass), Adam Young (guitar), Chaz Musselwhite (drums), Robert James Riggle (guitar), and Robert Meikle (drums) contributed to the first piece of work "Reborn" which came out in 2013. Reborn was produced by Marshall Hewitt located in Statesville, NC. Not long after playing many shows in support of our first album Adam and Chaz left the band to pursue other interests.

Clean vocalist Jayson Mitchell soon came into place to help keep the band going strong. Another asset was added to the band when friend Brandon Scurlark joined the band to fill in Adams spot on guitar. Although Valleys has gone through some member changes it was clear that the band must continue.
Brandon Scurlark (who plays in current band "KROSIS") stepped in to help write our first full length album "Experiment One: Asylum".
Valleys got together with Revision:Revised to tour the eastern U.S. on a three week run called the "Netflix & Chill" tour.

With some time off from shows we began recording drum tracks with a local friend/producer Paul Barton from 415 recordings in Clayton, NC. Mastering was done by Todd Barriage at Borland studios in Canada. Before the album was released Valleys came out with a music video for lead single "The Death Of Me" in December of 2015.
The album was scheduled to be out on February 12, 2016.
A week before the release, Valleys received the worst news imaginable: our vocalist Mikey Clement had passed away in a horrific car accident. The band still continued on to release the album as scheduled, with the help of friends and fans who came out in memory of our loss.
That night former bass player and brother Brandon Clement stepped down from the band. The Clement brothers grew up playing music together and sharing a great passion for taking the stage. The band shared a strong heartfelt understanding for Brandon's reason for leaving the band.

April of 2016 the band headlined another tour in support of their newest album with support from bands including Of Tyrants (VA) and Rumours (MI).

While Valleys attempted to keep their heads up, the band went back home to sort out future plans.
After weeks of work on new material, guitarist Brandon Scurlark had to announce his departure from the band. Valleys shortly picked up new guitarist Will Shoe and new bassist Nick Raimondi. Valleys has always been about staying positive and the process of writing soon picked back up where it left off, with even more intense, next-level material. 

Valleys went on to release a cover song originally made from the band "The Used.” The band put out a music video for this to help push the single even further.  The cover "The Bird & the Worm" was produced by Blackplate productions in Dunn, NC. Jaiden Frost was the mastermind behind the scenes of the video which was released on April 4, 2017.

If the release of "The Bird & the Worm" wasn't enough for the fans and listeners, the band dropped another single called "Rainmaker" shortly after, on May 10, 2017.
Valleys is currently working hard to get the bands’ second full length wrapped up, with high hopes to land a recording contract with a label. Bonded by years of hard work and dedication to this music, as well as surviving through great hardships and tragic events together, the band is stronger than ever now. The future is bright for Valleys so make sure you check us out at our official website at www.valleysnc.com to keep up to date with the bands upcoming shows and other announcements.


Reviews of VALLEYS and Experiment One: Asylum 

“They are doing something powerful and exciting, something that reflects their scene but which is also very intelligent and promises to bring the genre forward. These are the kinds of things that helps to make the music grow and it’s important for the genre as a whole that bands like this exist”  - Metal Injection 

“The band’s musical style also has multiple personalities, blending precise technical and extreme sections with melodic and more experimental parts. It’s very modern sounding with a lot of twists and turns in terms of tempo, atmosphere and intensity.About.com Heavy Metal

In loving memory of our fallen brother.

In loving memory of our fallen brother.